Meet the Team

Zakyria Anastasi Director/Psychologist

Zak is an experienced Psychologist with a history of supporting children, adolescents and adults of all backgrounds. Zak likes to take a client centred approach to addressing the concerns of the individuals he sees, incorporating their interests, learning approach, personality and support networks into his therapy as much as the client wants.
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Katrina Burgess Psychologist

Katrina is a psychologist who is a strong advocate for creating positive change. Katrina completed her Master of Psychology (Professional) and has worked alongside clients across the lifespan.
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Min Quan Heo Psychologist

Min is a dedicated and client-centred psychologist who has a keen interest in psychological assessments. Through her postgraduate training in Clinical Neuropsychology, she has developed a deep understanding of psychological processes and dynamics that allow for insightful and thorough evaluations. Min is available to conduct ADHD and Cognitive Assessments for her clients.
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Simon Dann Psychologist

Simon is a warm, friendly and engaging Psychologist who has been working in the mental health field for nearly 25 years. He believes that everyone will have life challenges that can be managed effectively and turned into opportunities for growth. Simon believes strongly in personal growth and helping his clients improve their resilience so they can live their best life.
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